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Audio Lectures

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13 Principles of Faith
1st Principle – Part I
1st Principle – Part II
1st Principle – Part III
1st Principle – Part IV
15 Minutes of Torah
But You Are the Only Father I Have
Enduring Relationships: A Torah Perspective
He Who Dies With the Most Toys Wins!! Or Does He Really?
Jewish Unity – A Prerequisite for Torah
The Heart (& Soul) of the Matter
Two Amazing Stories of Divine Providence
Concern for Another – The Primary Directive
Have You Ever Wondered Why You Have a Belly-Button?
Incredible Story of Divine Providence & Husband’s Devotion
My Teeth Are Yours G-d – The Story of a Yom Kippur Jew
Schindler’s Fish and Loving Your Fellow Jew!
You Are Always Close to Hashem . . . The Lawyer, the White Meat & the Rabbi
How to Get G-d to Hear My Prayers
When Tragedy Strikes, Where Is Hashem?
Why Does Hashem Hate Me So Much?
Shining Like a Star
When Destructive is Constructive
The Shocking Burial
Levi & the Rebbe of Kapishnitz – Lessons in Jewish Empathy!
Now Revealed: IDF’s Secret Weapon in the Gaza War
She Broke the Shidduch Because He Was ONLY Second Best
Neshama of Moshe Shiker Returns to Condemn the RAMA!
Why Reb Moshe Feinstein Kissed Me When I Was Only Nine Years Old
His Disfiguring Scar Brought Joy to Her Heart
How Rav Shach Countered Sinas Chinam with Love
Emulating Hashem’s Ways-Is What It’s All About!
Moshe- King of the Kushites!
Freedom of Choice and Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Elementary, My Dear Watson!
You’re Greater Than You Think
The Jewish Woman: Guardian of the Sanctuary
She Sacrificed Her Clothes As An Offering To Hashem
The Most Beautiful Scar in the World
The Mitzvos of the Torah – One by One
Intro I
Intro II
Belief in G-d I
Belief in G-d II
Belief in G-d III
To Love G-d I
To Love G-d II
To Love G-d III
To Love G-d IV
To Love G-d V
To Love G-d VI
To Love G-d VII
Unity of G-d I
Unity of G-d II
Honoring Parents
Mitzvah Observance / Character Development
Challah I
Challah II
Kashrus I
Kashrus II
Kashrus III
Kashrus IV
Kashrus V
Kashrus VI
Kashrus VII
Kashrus VIII (Recap)

Miscellaneous Topics

A Dedicated Heart – The Key to Success Historic Overview and Halachos of Purim
Lessons in Forgiving From Yosef and His Brothers Pesach, Shavuos and Counting the Omer: The Birth of a Nation Then and Now
Torah From Sinai: History or Hoax? – Part I Torah From Sinai: History or Hoax? – Part II
Seek and Ye Shall Find – The Message of Chanukah Unity & Kindness – Weapons of Mass Construction
A Kingdom of Priests- The Beauty of a Jewish Personality YES! I can meet this challenge!
Gratitude: Defining our Relationship with Hashem The Highs of Tishrei- Maintaining the Momentum
Tragedy Trust & Triumph Guest Lecturer Rabbi Zev Leff: Making Elul Personal to You
Rabbi Dr. Jerry Lob: God Allows U-turns- The Inner Process of Teshuva The Underlying Truth of Avrohom’s Chesed
The Non-Chesed of Avrohom’s Chesed Gratitude and Relationships ~ An Eye Opening Jewish Perspective
Thanks to Yitzchok Avinu – We All Suffer! M’ahavas Nashim – The Secret Behind Yonason’s Love of Dovid
Yaakov vs Esav – The Apple or the Bracha How to Forgive and Forgo – Lessons Yosef HaTzadik Taught His Brothers For All of Us!
The Unlimited Potential of Every Jew Gratitude – Defining Our Relationship With Hashem, His World and Mitzvos
Mishpatim Without Yisro – Man Without The Divine Turmoil in Egypt – The Value of Freedom by Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb
Women and Rosh Chodesh – What’s the Special Connection? The Heart of the Matter
I Get By With A Lot of Help From Hashem Halachos of Pesach 5771
Death, Defilement and the Sanctity of a Kohen Countdown to Freedom & The Birth of a Nation
Does G-d Really Care About What I Think? Hashem is here, Hashem is there…
Unity: The Prerequisite for Kabbalas Hatorah The Eyes Have It – Or Do They!
It’s All in the Eyes of the Beholder Comprehending the Incomprehensible
Mirror Mirror on the Wall – Am I Really That Righteous After All? The Secret to Bridging the Gap to Hashem
The Secret to Receiving Hashem’s Compassion Blinded By Hashem – Why At Times He Just Refuses To Listen
Why Do We Suffer? What Does Hashem Want From Us Anyway? (Part I) Why Do We Suffer? What Does Hashem Want From Us Anyway? (Part II)
No Pain No Gain/ Greatness – The Fruit of Man’s Struggle The Secret to Achieving Our Life’s Goals & The Challenge of a “Superdawg”
Question of the Ages: How Much Hishtadlus vs. How Much Bitachon? Achieving Greatness and Bringing Out The Real You
Getting Drunk Purim – What’s It Really All About? You Get What You Give (& More) ~ Achieving the Impossible!
Pesach in Halacha In Every Generation They Rise Up To Destroy Us!
Pesach ~ Gratitude ~ Shavuos- The Message for Each of Us! The World Was Created Just For ME!
You’ve Earned It ~ Don’t Lose It: Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make It’s the Thought That Counts!
How My Parents Met – The Awesome Strength of Every Jew The Qualities Required for Jewish Leadership
Ever Wonder Why You Have a Belly Button II? Zealot, Vigilante or Avenger of Peace?
The Secret to Accessing the Power of Hashem’s 13 Attributes Guaranteeing Hashem’s Mercy in Judgement
Mercy Begets Mercy Lessons from Hurricane Sandy
What exactly IS the ‘Sign’ of Ois Bris Milah Love & Marriage by Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottlieb
My Shidduch lies over the ocean, My Shiddush lies over the sea; Hashem please bring my Shidduch to me! Can My ‘Free Choice’ Negatively Affect Your Destiny?
Your G-d or G-d of Your Fathers Only? Part I Your G-d or G-d of Your Fathers Only? Part II
Thought, Speech or Action – What Matters Most to G-d? All For One and ‘THE ONE’ For All!
Seeing – Observing – Perceiving “Honor Your Father and Your Mother” – The Hardest Mitzvah in the Torah!
Thank You Hashem for the Suffering?! Tisha B’av Pre Kinos Inspiration
Guaranteeing Hashem’s Mercy in Judgement II How to Get Hashem to Listen
Parshas Noach- Seeing is Believing Gratitude Makes the World Go Round

Ahavas Chessed (Loving Kindness) – Nature or Nurture?

Self Sacrifice – Do We Really Lose When We Give

Contemplating Death – Sobering or Intoxicating?

“Kristallnacht” – Where was Hashem? (Parshas Vayetze In Memory of The Kedoshim)

The Divine Gifts that Define (Me & You as) a Jew (Parshas Vayishlach)

Chanukah and Yosef’s Coat…of Many Troubles! (Parshas Vayeshev/ Chanukah)

How Can I Return to My Father Without Realizing My Potential? (Parshas Vayigash/Vayechi & Chanukah)

What Every Parent Must Know – What Every Child Should Hear (Parshas Shemos)

Does Hashem – The Supreme Judge – Play Favorites? (Parshas Yisro)

How Does Hashem Require of Us the Impossible? (Parshas Ki Sisa)

Not All That Glitters is… Godly & The Rooster Within! (Parshas Pikudei)

Shidduchim: The Secret to Finding Your Bashert!

Pesach in Halacha by Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst 5774

From Holey to Wholly Holy – Acheiving the (im)Possible!(Parshas Kedoshim)

Gratitude to Grain-itude ~ Recognizing Hashem!

Shavuos, Trees and Raising Torah True Children!

Coincidence, Bitachon and My Father’s Twin Brother!

Is Seeing Really Believing? and What Auschwitz Could Not Extinguish! (Parshas Korach)

Does Hashem Love Sinners Too? and Great Gifts in Bitter Packages! (Parshas Balak)

Missles, Missles, Everywhere – Yet All the Bombs Did Shrink!

What Happened to All Our Prayers? What Happened to All Our Tears? Special For the Nine Days

How to Get Hashem to Listen!

Guaranteeing Hashem’s Mercy in Judgement II

Will Hashem Listen? Pre Selichos Inspiration

Hashem Judges as we CAN BE…Not as We Are!

Surrounded by His Love

Achieving Our Own Personal Akaidah (Parshas Vayera – In memory of R’ Boruch Yakov Alter z”l)

Horror in Jerusalem – We Make of It, What We Take of It

Achdus and the Magical Kol Nidrei in Frankfurt

Transforming Wicked into Righteous

Cry and The World (Should) Cry With You!

How to Forgive and Forgo – Lessons Yosef HaTzadik Taught His Brothers For All Of Us!

We Don’t Ask a Father “Why” ~ A Fundamental in Chinuch!

To Be or Not To Be – Hashem’s Ambassadors to the World!

He’s Got the Whole Wide World in His Hands!

Disposable Relationships – Remedying a Generational Epidemic

Unity and Committment – The Keys to Kabbalas Hatorah